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Elizabeth Saltos




My experience and education qualifies me to teach a wide assortment of classes in visual arts.
My Masters work focused on art with a cross-disciplinary integration with architecture, technology and education.
As an artist, I developed through the traditional education system and still embrace this methodology of learning.
But to this tradition I bring a life-time of exploration and professional development in all media.
At this point in my experience, I teach all two-dimensional and three-dimensional visual art practices,
as well as digital applications. I teach all forms of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics
and digital photography and other computer applications. I am well versed in art history
and integrate music and theatre into my work as much as possible.
In terms of non-traditional teaching, especially for private and independent schools,
I have added new-genre art to my teaching curriculum; that is community-based public art.
I see this type of art as a new strain of art-making that I believe will fit very well into
team working and collaborations with younger students. Community public art ties the artists into
reflecting on where they are, where they came from and how they see themselves in their environment.
The tenants of public art model an excellent guide for identifying art themes,
carrying out the process and integrating into the global mix in a real, hands-on fashion.
I see the possibility to integrate children’s art-experience into real needs and conditions in the community
and create an artwork experience that benefits everyone.



In terms of my teaching philosophy; I embrace objectives in each lesson that develop intellectual and motor skills,
cognitive thinking and personal reflection. I facilitate the student to think, visually and intellectually through
artistic exploration in a wide variety of mediums. I embrace traditional art and media-literacy equally and fully integrate
core curriculum, social issues and current events into the arts. It is my belief the arts are not a separate subject but a part of all subjects.
Therefore, to learn to express one’s self visually enables an individual to conceptualize, analyze and understand themselves
and their world more clearly. In short, an artistically aware individual lives more fully.
This does not mean said individual is a great artist; it means they have confidence to express in image what they think,
feel or envision. These are skills one carries into adulthood that continue to develop and build a
confident, expressive, inquisitive mind. I also believe this learning must develop in concert with a sensitive awareness for
cultural diversity. I am committed to helping each student identify and develop his or her individual talents and directions.
My main teaching strategy is to expose students to a wide variety of media, art history, models for
creative expression and connect these examples to their own needs and desires.
Possibly, after seeing a Georgia O’Keefe painting a student may be
able to visually interpret a dream in image. Or possibly, after studying the art the Baroque period, a student might
use this stylized flourish and design to graphically portray their own symbols and personal vision.


© Copyright 2006 Elizabeth Saltos | All rights reserved